Bowen Poll Hereford Stud was founded in 1963 with half of the females from the Peake Family’s Middleton Stud. Original Stud Sires were used from the elite studs of their day, The Brae’s, Springfield , Kildrummie, Woodlands, Moorlands & Sevenbardot. In the 80’s the Whattleview Baron line was introduced, moving our cattle to a new level.

Stephen & Jodi worked in New Zealand , Canada & U.S.A and gained knowledge and understanding of their cattle industries & sought bloodlines of the soundest commercially focused cattle.

After working in these countries a decision was made to start an Angus Stud herd. in 1995 The foundation females were from Barry Marshall’s Callen herd and the Mordallup herd from Western Australia .In March 2010 we purchased seven new dominant cow families from the record breaking Vermont dispersal. Pictured below is one of our purchases donor dam Merrigrange Jestress V37 she has an outcross pedigree and loads of depth & capacity we were most impressed with this cows consistant progeny.

Honesty & Integrity is the core of our family operation, with over 58 years & three generations our principal goal is to maintain a sound practical breeding program. The cattle are our sole source of income. We strive to produce functional, efficient performance Poll Herefords & Angus Cattle.

Strict attention is paid to all reproductive, carcase, structure & feet and all multitude of attributes that make every beast an easy care productive performance animal, that is determined by our customers hip pocket.

The cow herd is the backbone of any beef program. Therefore prudent investigation of every potential sire for balanced multiple traits and especially a dominant cow family is essential in our breeding program.

We at Bowen do not reside to single trait selection but strive for multiple trait selection.

There have been no stones left unturned in the effort put into the advancement of the stud’s breeding program, which earns our clients a sound reputation within the Beef Industry.

Bowen Poll Hereford herd has been performance recording since 1968 and involved in the National Beef Performance Recording Scheme (Breedplan) since its inception in Australia . The Angus herd has been Performance recorded since we established the Stud herd in 1995. Our herd is recorded in large contempory groups allowing the cream of performance rise to the top without aids such as creep feeders or foster dams.

FEEDLOT TRAITS are an imperitive part of our selection criteria for our Poll Hereford & Angus Herd.

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