Stuart Peake Memorial Cancer Research Trust

The Stuart Peake Memorial Cancer Research Trust was established in 2003 in memory of the late Stuart Peake, the founding principal of the Bowen Poll Hereford and Angus Studs.

The Late Stuart Peake fought a long battle against the cancer Non Hodgkins Lymphona.

The main objective of the trust is to donate the income generated by the trust investments to the cause of cancer research.


Since 2003 the trust has donated approximately $22,500 to cancer research, including $10,000 to the Garvan Institute for Cancer Research [read more] and the trustees intend to continue donating to cancer research not only for Non Hodgkins Lymphona but all forms of this disease for years to come.

Donations to the fund may be tax deductible depending on the particular circumstances of the business and it is suggested that donors consult their advisors in this regard.

The trustees of the fund would like to acknowledge the work of the Late Tony Crowley who suffered this disease for many years and only recently lost his fight against this form of cancer.

Tony was a driving force in the establishment of this trust.

On the 16th November 2016, Jodi & Stephen Peake visited the Garvan Institute to present a cheque for $21,000 to Deputy Director Garvan Research Foundation Chris Goodnow on behalf of the Stuart F. Peake Cancer Research Trust.

Whilst at the Garvan Institute they were given a tour of the Garvan & King Horn research centers by Lauren Sharkey Philanthropy Relationship Manager & Deputy Director Chris Goodnow and also to receiving a tour of his lab. Professor Goodnow is an immunologist and works on a number of diseases including Non Hodgkinson Lymphoma.

Stephen & Jodi were pleased to see how much the both research centres had grown & the discoveries that had been made in the various diseases since their last visit.

For further information please contact: David Kelly on 02 6782 1403